> What is Usenet?

What is Pure Usenet?

What is Usenet?

Usenet is a large worldwide platform where you can post messages or articles that can subsequently be used by others. All messages and articles are posted in 'news groups': all sorts of folders (themes) where people post articles and messages. All those news groups together (there are more than 110,000) combine into the Usenet platform.

What is Pure Usenet?

Pure Usenet is a Usenet provider, also referred to as a news server of pay server. You need a Usenet provider to gain access to Usenet. Each provider offers a certain 'retention time': the number of days after posting during which a message or article can be taken from Usenet.

Pure Usenet aims to make Usenet available to everyone. Our big selection of packages, very high retention, low pricing and excellent customer support are our strengths. We leave all other Usenet providers behind.