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Pure XXL

Het Pure XXL pakket is uitermate geschikt voor de veeleisende Usenet gebruiker met een snelle internetverbinding. Met een Pure XXL pakket heb je met een ongelimiteerde snelheid toegang tot Usenet. Daarnaast geniet je van:

  • Unlimited Usenet access
  • Over 1100 days of retention
  • Free week trial
  • Account-sharing allowed
Pure Usenet XXL
as low as



Every Pure Usenet packages can be used for free for one week. Of course, you can also other a package for a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year right away. The price shown for the longer period indicates the price per month.

1 week Gratis 2000 days 12 unlimited Mbps
1 month € 8,29/mth 2000 days 12 unlimited Mbps
3 months € 7,88/mth 2000 days 12 unlimited Mbps
6 months € 7,46/mth 2000 days 12 unlimited Mbps
1 year € 6,63/mth 2000 days 12 unlimited Mbps

Retention means the number of days articles will be available on our Usenet servers after they have been posted by someone. For example: If someone posted a message 5 years (1825 days) ago, this message will still be available on our servers because it falls within our retention (2000 days). If you try to retrieve this message after 6 years (2190 days), it will not be available.

Privacy is of paramount importance to us. To protect your privacy we do not save detailed data about your use of our Usenet service. The only details we do save are statistical details about the total use of your account. Would you like more information? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Every standard also includes the option of establishing a connection to our platform via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) free of charge. When using SSL the connection between our Usenet service and your PC is completely secure.

For any further questions you can contact our servicedesk.